De "Tryst in The Night"

And I, 
standing beneath the shower of her feathers,
and soaked by the opaque flake of dusk,
and the silvery shadows of the pines.
I was watching all that, silent-
in the silence of the night.

And, she was sliding all over the sky- 
she was surfing along the waves an eerie sea,
a sea but too vast, a sea but too cold, a sea but too quiet, 
a sea but too brisk to be just a sea, or even all the seas!

At times, 
she seemed the green soul of the trees,
She seemed holding the timeless and the time-
in her eyes, in her cries:

“You were right, right!
I could not be but unwelcome!
I could not stay with you, but discarded!
And I could not hide but discovered, sent away!

For the air of death had grown immense in me!
So immense that nil- but death, but death itself-
could pierce me inside, could gather me in
could stand by my side-
at this night...

Now I know; now I see,
you were right”.

I was hearing all that, silent.
in the rain of of her eyes, in the colour of her cries:

“But also I saw, I see!
Believe me, believe!
Though, I no longer live,
Your night flows, lands,
from the same putrid torrent!”

“I am not alive,
But Your Night still streams-
along the same vain torrent"...

Forough Farrokhzad

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